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May 22nd, 2017 by J

When everything seems to be falling right into place between Selena Gomez and her boyfriend The Weeknd, more and more leaked sex tapes of her hardcore past seem to keep spilling on the web. This particular video is a new one and will definitely give her fans a shock as they may have never known that Gomez’s ultimate fantasy is playing roles in wild porn flicks. Yes, you read that right, porn. If you’re a ‘leaked’ sex tape seeker though you really need not be surprised by this at all because you probably seen a bunch like this before. It’s been reported that two of the roleplaying characters she’s done in a porn clip before are naughty nurse and a geeky teacher. But who would’ve guessed that Gomez has a thing for strong males carrying all sorts of valuables through deliveries and shit, yeah?

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You can see in this full video how she handles men who keep hitting on her on a daily basis. She rewards them with their fantasy and she does get so much pleasure from it too. Watch her give this dude a hot blowjob then get her super wet pussy eaten and fingered before they bang rough at her work station until wild delivery jock sprays Gomez with his sticky cum. Gomez even let him fuck her juicy tits!

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May 8th, 2017 by J

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Only took a few twerkin’ moves to get double the fun for Selena Gomez. We already know she’s hot and all but we’re about to uncover the most hardcore thing she’s done recently. Taking two huge dicks in her tight pussy and ass will be the death of her bashers. Yes, Gomez just took the envy of her haters to a much higher level by showing them she could take two grown-ass men into her lair for some hardcore fun. Watch her go crazy while having those nice fine holes plowed and make both her fans and bashers drool over the fact that she is one hell of a diva sex queen who can get any teen ‘fuck boy’ or pervy old men to stick their cocks inside her.

Naughty Selena Gomez fucked on a couch

May 1st, 2017 by J

Just like any other young adults, Selena Gomez wanted to try everything that will test her skills, whether with her singing or with a part of herself that she only shows in private. Nothing remains private when you view stuff on this blog though because Gomez has yet another leaked sex tape and this will take your mind off of whatever fucks she gave about some intriguing new TV show about depression and the like. Selena has so much on her plate already to be getting thrown into any more nonsense so let’s just take a long peek at this hot bombshell, waiting to explode inside your pants.

So, what are we talking about, really? It is the fact that most teenagers and young adults, especially someone like Selena who has a ton of ‘connections’ from all over the globe, can easily be setup for something naughty, in private, whenever she wishes to. But of course, you get to have a front row seat to this so-called private hobby, wishing it was you interviewing her and drilling her on that filthy couch. Selena finally jumped into the wagon of curious kitties, trying their talent in luring older men while attempting to get into the adult industry spotlight. Watch her get loose in this naughty video where she shows just how good an addition she’d be in any porn flick, most horny men jack off to. Exposing those fine big tits, making them bounce all over while getting banged rough, is going to give you the best of wet dreams tonight. Enjoy the other side of Selena Gomez while jerking off to this hot fuck session.

Busty horny Selena Gomez having kinky sex on a couch

Cocksucking Selena Gomez pleasures her boyfriend

April 24th, 2017 by J

Just before Christmas last year, 2016, Selena Gomez was dared to wear something kinky to show her new beau. Knowing how much she is into this lucky bloke, she agreed to it but didn’t have much free time to be with her man with all her gigs here and there. Luckily, for Gomez, she believes that nothing is too late and that she can always catch up with life outside work.

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So, she managed to let her boyfriend film her on the bed as she tease him with just a red giant ribbon covering her small tits and flashing a sign a board, which reads belated Merry Christmas. She pleasures her horny BF by giving him a hot blowjob while the video kept rolling. Gomez didn’t look shy at all being naked on cam, like she’s used to doing this and we can only wish she has a lot more naughty videos with this dude and get to see them on the web soon.

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April 17th, 2017 by J

Wild and naughty Selena squirting tons in hot masturbation video!

Just a few hours after getting cozy at the Coachella Festival with her boyfriend, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez sent this hot squirting video of herself to the beau so he won’t miss her too much while they’re apart. Gomez films herself in the nude except for that signature red fishnet stockings her BF loves and of course her feeling innocent-looking black specs. Admit it, she looks extra hot while trying to pass for a naughty nerdy student, with her dildo fucking her hole in between those hot legs. Seems like she already miss her boyfriend a lot to be squirting way too much than usual! Look at her make a huge mess on the floor with her pussy juice as she rams her toys inside her hole so rough, she would make a friggin’ puddle if she dare not stop!

Selena Gomez having hardcore sex with an older man

April 10th, 2017 by J

Seems like Selena Gomez has completely moved on from her past and having a new beau she’s totally crazy about now, she’s taking rather risky new experiences with peers that shocked a lot of her fans. From all these PDAs with her boyfriend to having matching tattoos with pals, we can only imagine whatelse she plans on surprising us with. We need not look far though because this wild leaked sex tape is the answer to our endless imaginings. Gomez just unleashed another nuclear bomb, getting nailed by an older man who wanted to have her babysit for him and the wifey. But, yeah, that’s probably just a scheme to get Gomez to do her massage on him on that fuck me couch, which did end with the horny older dude eating and banging Gomez’s pussy. Gomez looks as though she’s been waiting for this moment her entire life when she start sucking on that huge dick and mounted and fucked this lucky bastard’s meat. Like a hungry shiela just wanted to have a taste of this older man crush of hers, which turned out more than what she bargained for. They eat each other up and fuck like mad ’til they cum.

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Big-tittied Selena pussy-playing on cam

April 3rd, 2017 by J

While Selena Gomez’s mother kept gushing on an interview about her daughter, saying how extremely proud she is of what Gomez has become, Gomez was doing something naughty in the privacy of her vacation hub, which might either disappoint or make her mom prouder (for being so… adult in still a young age). At 24, Selena did and still doing a ton of fun stuff with her life that she’s passionate about but her mom was particularly happier about the time-off Gomez took from her work last year, which she says, made Selena ‘look like the sun’ as the rest from stressful events gave her a certain kinda glow. But what this proud momma doesn’t seem to understand is that Gomez has another way of getting such ‘glow’ and this is what she’s doing behind closed doors, when she thinks she’s being private and shit.

Selena flaunts huge breasts while masturbating

Of course this gets leaked and I dunno how her mother will react now but I’m guessing she would compliment how nice her daughter’s titties has become, you know, just like hers probably. And since Gomez’s mom was a slutty teen momma, she understands if her daughter has taken after her skanky ways and is actually being loved more for it. Watch and see for yourselves just how hot this time-off was for Gomez and where she got the ‘glow’ exactly. Those huge round breasts would feel great if you put that big stiffy between them, for sure. But you will enjoy just watching naked Gomez spreading her legs on that chair as she plays with her juggs and wet pussy. She uses her fingers and her favorite sex toy while masturbating and she ends the kinky solo by teasing on cam as she gives those juicy melons some lovin’, squeezing and letting them bounce around a bit.

Sultry diva Selena Gomez in hot fuck action

March 27th, 2017 by J

Sexy ass Selena Gomez banged hard and gets jizzed on

Doe-eyed Selena Gomez looks so hot wearing her eyeglasses and stockings while giving head and getting her nice smooth cunt banged on cam. She’s got nice big round titties and of course, her tight meaty ass to die for. This dude’s one lucky prick to be nailing Gomez’s hot hole and spraying her face with his cum!

Naughty Selena Gomez gets creampied

March 19th, 2017 by J

As if her recent interview wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Selena Gomez just can’t help but surprise anyone with her inner slut. Well, to us, this new leaked video of hers having hot sex with yet another random hunk is not really uncomfortable to watch but it’s something not everyone is expecting from someone who just showed how much in love she is with her new beau. Then again, we already know how it works with these celebrities. They usually get away with all sorts of mess they get into especially that they have the money to buy almost everything they want, including this inked hottie she enjoyed humping on cam. If being ‘real’ is what interviewers would like to get from Gomez, this naughty clip can’t get any more real than what they expect her to be.

She may be a hot baby-faced chick who looks as though she ain’t gonna do anything foolish but here she is, just being your typical celebrity, and everybody’s losing their minds. Gomez can surely make room for a thick juicy dick inside that lil mouth of hers and the more she can handle this while riding it on her tight pussy. Didn’t take long for her anonymous fuck buddy to cum inside her, giving that warm hole a nice creampie, drippin’ down between her legs and it’s the most satisfying thing you’ll watch today. Nothing about Gomez is uncomfortable if this is the kind of stuff you’ll see about her, yes? Be sure to check back soon for more of her kinky revelations.

Wild Selena having kinky sex with an inked hottie

Topless Selena Gomez gives hot head

March 13th, 2017 by J

While some people are currently obsessing over Selena Gomez’s new chocolate mauve hair, there are a bunch of us who are busy jerking off to her blowjob skills in this hot leaked video. Just so happens we discover the more fun side of Gomez’s life changes and you’re lucky to have found it here. Instead of admiring a stupid hair color, enjoy watching her topless while pleasuring a random dude with a huge cock.

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No wonder Gomez went gaga over its size, she likes feeling her lil mouth stretch each time she sucks on it’s thickness. She’s got her fine titties displayed as she blows on this stiff dick and she made her pal so horny, she made him shoot his cum straight into that warm throat of hers. Yum.