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February 20th, 2017 by J

Fed up with annoying press always defining her by the choice of men she sleeps with, Selena Gomez unleashed yet another one of her naughty solo clips and this time she shows off a nice inked body and a fully toned sexy ass. She says this would expose the real her after each breakup she’s moved on from, she just wanna go wild and play. Gomez wanted us to know that she never gets hangup with any men and it’s usually the other way around. She can please herself whenever she wants, doesn’t need a man to save her from misery, and it’s not her fault that all you wankers keep on digging the net for all things naughty such as this pussy playin’ video of hers. Now take a peek and discover what’s making all men run after her like kids crying to suck on their momma’s titties for milk.

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Gomez has been hitting the gym after all those loser EX boyfriends hit on her. She’s so toned and tight, shaking her fine ass will make you stiff in an instant. And if you think watching her get naked while she spreads her hot legs wide, you’ll end up jerking off the minute she touches her smooth pussy and play with it using her dildo. Oh, and another wild thing about Gomez is that she likes getting dirty ¬†and slippery each time she films herself doing something nasty. She gets oiled up in this particular video, which she hasn’t tried before and she looks fuckin’ hot.

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February 13th, 2017 by J

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Baby-faced sexy diva, Selena Gomez goes wild milking cocks but she doesn’t mind at all if her fuck buddy would want to give her more pleasure by eating her smooth shaven pussy and banging her rough. She admits to getting wet easily when she gives her partner a blowjob because she loves pleasuring her men but on occasions, she’d rather let them do as they please to her as long as, like this dude, they get the same pleasure that is enough to make them spray her pretty face with cum.

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February 6th, 2017 by J

After playing the third wheel surrounded by coupled friends during a Super Bowl weekend, Selena Gomez had a solo date with her new toy as she tries a new skill. All along her pals were feeling sorry for leaving her after their fun gathering but they never knew the after party Gomez had set for herself and they will all soon find out what she’s up to when this leaked video reaches their gadgets. Gomez purchased a new sex toy, which she enjoys mounting and fucking while filming her naked self on the bed. She’s been practicing for her new beau, which she described as someone hardcore in the bedroom and so she needs to learn more on how to please him when the time comes for them to do their wild stuff together. For now, it’s just herself and her huge trusted dildo. Watch her go wild with the new ‘baby’ and discover her talent in squirting on cam. So the next time you see our hot diva being the naive third wheel in her circle of friends, you need not feel sad for her as she already has her own feast waiting on the wings.

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January 29th, 2017 by J

Most people probably don’t know what the other hobby of Selena Gomez is when she’s not doing any gigs. Well, that’s what we’re here for. Unleashing what’s hottest with these celebrities’ secrets and not-so-secrets through hardcore videos like this, where you’ll get to realize just how much of a simple human they are behind the camera, when they think nobody else are watching. Although, of course, like Gomez, she already knows that these clips she films with whoever while doing all sorts of naughty things will eventually go viral, so she’d put on hardcore shows like you’ve never seen her before.

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In this hot sex tape she role plays as a sexy professor who enjoys teasing her student and eventually having hardcore sex with him… inside the classroom, on her very own table. Who wouldn’t want to give those nice juicy tits a squeeze and have her lips wrapped around a big throbbing dick, right? Whoever this dude is is one fuckin’ lucky prick who obviously had so much fun banging Gomez so rough and hard on that wooden table. Keep an eye out for more of these naughty revelations.

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January 22nd, 2017 by J

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It’s not all work for Selena Gomez since she is still a young lady exploring her sexual desires. During her free time she hops in the bed or a couch or wherever, really, with any guy she fancies and have a wild time fucking. But this isn’t all as she invites over her girl friend to watch and play too. Gomez rides the stiff cock rough, making her pal horny on the sides, which make her play with her pussy. Watch how Gomez uses her dick-ridin’ skills in this naughty leaked sex tape.

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January 15th, 2017 by J

Having financial troubles didn’t stop Selena Gomez from being born when her mother was only 16, so you can only imagine how feisty her mom was for getting knocked up so early in life. This said, we now know where Gomez got her very own not-so-secret stash of dirty deeds. Any fan of hers might have seen her flirt about and steal kisses from both boyfriends and EX flames but these are way too petty of a crime when done in public if you discover that she has a more mind-blowing hobby when she’s all by herself and feeling a bit slutty.

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Aside from confessing to singing in the shower and recording herself in the nude, she film herself naked while playing with her wet pussy. You read it right, she’s wilder than a harmless naked chick practicing her songs in the shower. She even has her toys for more pleasure when she gets tired finger-banging her tight hole! And of course, what’s a hot solo cam show without some audience, eh? She’s probably playing with that nice twat for a new beau and whoever that lucky jock is must be jerking off pretty hard to Gomez too. Who wouldn’t, right?!

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January 8th, 2017 by J

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If you think Selena Gomez is one fierce chick for firing her own folks as her managers, you might have missed this one thing that made fans out of a bunch of bashers who puked at the sound of her voice. Yes, there are those who hate her voice but jack off to her face and body, and this leaked sex tape will surely make a follower out of you even if you haven’t heard about her before. Watching her squirm and squeal while getting fucked in the ass by a horny BBC will make you cum loads. Forget about her singing career, just enjoy the sounds she makes when getting pleasured by her black lover in a hardcore anal sex action!

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December 27th, 2016 by J

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If your favorite celebrity started as a charming kid on some children’s show, expect them to bloom and go wild the moment they reach puberty and eventually sprang into an adult. There are so many of them out there and Selena Gomez ain’t exempted. Just as we thought that she may just be successful without doing a Kim K leaked sex tape and the like, this naughty clip emerged the least we expected.

It seems as though Gomez has some hots for older men and she doesn’t follow rules when it comes to avoiding having relationships with any of her mentors, well, this doesn’t look the romantic kind but it is still some indecent relationship that she could’ve kept a secret. We got a bit worried that she may earn bashers when this gets leaked but it turned out that she actually gained more fans and followers because they find Gomez extremely hot for sucking an older man’s cock and letting him fuck her young tight pussy so rough and hard, he made her cum so hard and made a total mess on his office floor. Now we know why she ain’t gonna get back with her sissy EX boyfriend. This man sure knows how to please her!

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December 19th, 2016 by J

Let’s face it, Selena Gomez is gorgeous and has a hot body, but acting ain’t one of her strong points. She should just stick to her music and pretend she’s actually good at it without using all those voice-manipulating thingies all these young musicians use to create their shit. Though she’s got all these fans singing and grindin’ to her tunes, I bet you’ll all agree that she could try a different path in career once you see what we’ve discovered wandering around the web. Turns out, she and the Biebs shared some wild times outdoors and when we say wild, it’s the naked and doing something naughty kind.

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Maybe this hot masturbating video of Gomez has turned Bieber into a fuckin’ jealous gay guy, which ain’t gonna be a shocker to most of us anyways, because as you can see, Gomez is one mind-blowing horny sex kitten. Any man with the slightest tinge of femininity would eventually wanna be as hot and as hardcore as Gomez, stripping naked on cam and playing with her perfect tits and bald cunt. But if you’re one hella stud and filming her by the pool looking and acting like this? You are sure to jump right in the middle of her legs and start drilling that wet pussy. But, like we say, Biebs didn’t do that so we kinda assume the ‘news’ were true about his sexuality. Just enjoy Gomez as she fucks that twat with her toy and see how much of a natural she is and would definitely do awesome in your favorite porn flicks.

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July 26th, 2016 by J

Justin Bieber will never get over Selena Gomez as the latter kept on reinventing herself, adding more charisma, which makes her so irresistible. As if her music videos aren’t hot enough, Gomez showed her wilder side by being literally smoking hot, puffing on a cig while giving head and getting that wet cunt banged. This leaked amateur porn must be causing Bieber more sleepless nights and the desire to win her back once more. Watching Gomez take it rough from a random dude is way beyond shocking as fans thought she’s still into the Biebs. Looks like she’s moved on though and enjoying the new ride!

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