Slutty Selena sucks and fucks rough on cam

July 26th, 2016 by jayq

Justin Bieber will never get over Selena Gomez as the latter kept on reinventing herself, adding more charisma, which makes her so irresistible. As if her music videos aren’t hot enough, Gomez showed her wilder side by being literally smoking hot, puffing on a cig while giving head and getting that wet cunt banged. This leaked amateur porn must be causing Bieber more sleepless nights and the desire to win her back once more. Watching Gomez take it rough from a random dude is way beyond shocking as fans thought she’s still into the Biebs. Looks like she’s moved on though and enjoying the new ride!

Wild steamy sex with total stranger

Naked Selena banged in front of pals

March 21st, 2016 by jayq

Wild Selena enjoys sex in front of peers

When Selena Gomez was born, her mother was only 16 years old. And we can pretty much see how that went down especially that her young folks did go their separate ways when she was just 5. It’s been said that even when her mom was so young, she wasn’t neglected and that she has been taken cared for the best way her mom knew how at a tender age. It wasn’t all bad though since Selena was then raised in a loving environment but this didn’t exempt her from being a naughty kid every now then. Besides, her mother did experimented with her sexuality so young and look where it got her. We probably could thank her mother though for bringing Selena into the world because she did so well for herself with her career now. But let’s go back to the kink, shall we? You did come here for that and not some sob story so we won’t bore you any further with all those. Selena might have taken after her mom’s sleazy nature because even before she was caught in the fame web, she’s already a famous ‘public’ figure within her circle of friends.

She’s been singing different tunes while going down on horny pricks at school and her wildest memory of a fuck party was when she was the center of attention with everyone’s camera phones were on full throttle, making sure to record their videos and keep them as a souvenir. Little did they know, Selena will be whipping up a huge storm on stage with all cameras and eyes and ears on her as she make her own music soon enough. There will be more souvenirs than this kinky video but it’s something they won’t get tired of watching, I bet. So, this party is nothing new to her. Like I mentioned, her mom was a skanky teen and without any protection when spreading her legs even to prevent her from getting knocked up even before she could legally drink vodka in a pub. It’s no surprise that Selena is into doggystyle sex in front of other people and didn’t seem to give crap about it. She’s just wiser on the part that she reached her 20s, going crazy in fuck fests without having to bake a bun in her oven plus she’s crazy rich, thanks to her career.

Selena Gomez is almost legal to fuck

May 21st, 2010 by sel

Again, we’re plagued by our one enemy when it comes to teen celebrities: age. They’re still quite young, but their hotness is so tantalizing it hurts us not to have a crack at them. Like Selena Gomez here, who’s still a few months from being legally fuckable, but for now, let’s play the waiting game on this potential slut until she’s shed her squeaky clean image. But even now, she’s already being spotted with the Jonas Brothers, probably planning the crazy orgy they’ll do to welcome Selena’s cunt to eighteenhood with a bang. She isn’t even holding herself back, this girl Selena. She’s letting herself be captured by the paparazzi, with her slender legs and body decorating the beach in a purple , cameltoe-making two-piece. Selena Gomez, if you weren’t such a potential piece of slut, we wouldn’t have bothered waiting for your 18th birthday on tenterhooks, when we finally see you rocking Hollywood like your older sisters Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and today’s paparazzi favorite, Lindsay Lohan. All you have to do is step into the shoes these certified sluts have torn apart with their scandalous behaviors and you’ll be one step closer to fitting right among the skanks of Tinseltown. Until then, we’ll wait.

Suggestive Selena Gomez Song Is About Nick Jonas

July 31st, 2008 by sel

If you find the Jonas Brothers to be the most annoying band in the world, then you must be an old fart, or you just might have good taste, which is what maturity gives you.  Selena Gomez’s music for Disney might fall under the same category, so a Selena Gomez song about a Jonas brother might be double the yuck factor.  Still, “Head First” might just grow on ya, if you just plug your ears and let your mind wander about what the song could be about.  Hmm… Both are young Christians who wear purity rings and all that, promising no sex until marriage.  Still, Selena just turned sixteen, and everyone knows what happened to Jamie Lynn Spears when she was sixteen…  So “Head First” might be all about safe, oral love between two consenting individuals, with no danger of a career-ending pregnancy in sight!  What do you think?

If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, shame on you!  All I’m thinking is that Selena doesn’t have that defective Spears gene, so she’s got a more level head on her shoulders than Jamie Lynn.  You should just click here and check out that site instead, and maybe one day Selena Gomez will make her way there, just like all the other naughty Nickolodeon and Disney teens who just can’t control themselves…

Selena Gomez In Her Underwear

July 31st, 2008 by sel

Thought you found another Selena Gomez scandal?  Well, it might be one, if we lived in a 2-D cartoon world, like Roger Rabbit.  But this Selena Gomez image dressed in nothing but her undies isn’t some sort of perverted underground cartoon or anything like that.  There’s no need to think there’s a Selena Gomez hentai making the rounds on the internet, because it’s just a Selena Gomez virtual dress-up doll, the kind that used to be made out of cardboard that you’d have to press out from a book.  Now they’re online and you can have your daughter, niece or younger sister play dress up with the star of “Wizards of Waverly Place“.  Of course what you do with it is up to you, but you’d better lock your door if you’ve got plans for this picture, or your mom might walk in on you and it could get pretty embarrassing…

But if ridicule doesn’t stop you (and why should it), you can go play with more hot Selena Gomez images here on this site, along with lots more naughty and fun celeb stuff!

More Wet N’ Wild Selena Gomez Pics

July 31st, 2008 by sel

Selena Gomez gets into a bikini scandal again?  No, don’t worry about that, all you guardians of Selena’s morality.  It’s just a photo shoot done by Disney’s newest princess for Seventeen magazine, where she serves as the model for a Beach Beauty Guide the magazine put up as an article.  Selena is even wearing a sleeveless wifebeater over her one-piece swimsuit in the photographs that accompany the article, so it’s the furthest thing from a titillating photoshoot as can be.  Unless you’re into wet and translucent shirts draped over a budding adolescent body, of course.  But then, as long as you’re a teenager like her too, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!

Click here for more photos of this Latina hottie-in-the-making!  Selena puts the sweetness back into the recent Disney sizzle, for all her teen fans out there!

Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Bikini Scandal

July 31st, 2008 by sel

The timing was what made this issue so hard ignore.  After all, Miley Cyrus was constantly in the headlines, what with all the brouhaha over the Annie Leibovitz photoshoot, and then those naughty, naughty shower and striptease pics started leaking onto the internet, gifts to Miley’s adoring fans from a supposed hacker who broke into Miley’s cellphone.  With Miley Cyrus revealing her true slutty nature to the general public, it’s the squeaky clean Selena Gomez who is really looking like the heir apparent to the family-friendly Disney throne.  Then word spread of some wet n’ wild Selena Gomez pics, with her bestie and fellow actress Demi Lovato involved.

Well, it turned out to be some bikini pics by the pool as you can plainly see here, and most everyone gave a sigh of relief, but with an eyebrow still raised at what this could signify.  It was a close call for Selena, and Disney, and who knows what the future holds with all these kids running wild with their camera phones and narcissistic drive to post their every move on You Tube?  Who knows, but like I’ve said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Selena Gomez nude pic showed up, and if you want to see the naughtiest stuff from her so far, go click on that link!