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Selena Gomez is almost legal to fuck

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Again, we’re plagued by our one enemy when it comes to teen celebrities: age. They’re still quite young, but their hotness is so tantalizing it hurts us not to have a crack at them. Like Selena Gomez here, who’s still a few months from being legally fuckable, but for now, let’s play the waiting game on this potential slut until she’s shed her squeaky clean image. But even now, she’s already being spotted with the Jonas Brothers, probably planning the crazy orgy they’ll do to welcome Selena’s cunt to eighteenhood with a bang. She isn’t even holding herself back, this girl Selena. She’s letting herself be captured by the paparazzi, with her slender legs and body decorating the beach in a purple , cameltoe-making two-piece. Selena Gomez, if you weren’t such a potential piece of slut, we wouldn’t have bothered waiting for your 18th birthday on tenterhooks, when we finally see you rocking Hollywood like your older sisters Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and today’s paparazzi favorite, Lindsay Lohan. All you have to do is step into the shoes these certified sluts have torn apart with their scandalous behaviors and you’ll be one step closer to fitting right among the skanks of Tinseltown. Until then, we’ll wait.

More Wet N’ Wild Selena Gomez Pics

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Selena Gomez gets into a bikini scandal again?  No, don’t worry about that, all you guardians of Selena’s morality.  It’s just a photo shoot done by Disney’s newest princess for Seventeen magazine, where she serves as the model for a Beach Beauty Guide the magazine put up as an article.  Selena is even wearing a sleeveless wifebeater over her one-piece swimsuit in the photographs that accompany the article, so it’s the furthest thing from a titillating photoshoot as can be.  Unless you’re into wet and translucent shirts draped over a budding adolescent body, of course.  But then, as long as you’re a teenager like her too, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!

Click here for more photos of this Latina hottie-in-the-making!  Selena puts the sweetness back into the recent Disney sizzle, for all her teen fans out there!

Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Bikini Scandal

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

The timing was what made this issue so hard ignore.  After all, Miley Cyrus was constantly in the headlines, what with all the brouhaha over the Annie Leibovitz photoshoot, and then those naughty, naughty shower and striptease pics started leaking onto the internet, gifts to Miley’s adoring fans from a supposed hacker who broke into Miley’s cellphone.  With Miley Cyrus revealing her true slutty nature to the general public, it’s the squeaky clean Selena Gomez who is really looking like the heir apparent to the family-friendly Disney throne.  Then word spread of some wet n’ wild Selena Gomez pics, with her bestie and fellow actress Demi Lovato involved.

Well, it turned out to be some bikini pics by the pool as you can plainly see here, and most everyone gave a sigh of relief, but with an eyebrow still raised at what this could signify.  It was a close call for Selena, and Disney, and who knows what the future holds with all these kids running wild with their camera phones and narcissistic drive to post their every move on You Tube?  Who knows, but like I’ve said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Selena Gomez nude pic showed up, and if you want to see the naughtiest stuff from her so far, go click on that link!